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          PART ONE

          Questions 1 - 8

          · Look at the sentences below and at five passages taken from a book about famous management thinkers on the opposite page.

          · Which passage does each sentence refer to?

          · For each sentence 1 - 8, mark one letter A1 B, C, D or E on your Answer Sheet.

          · You will need to use some of these letters more than once.


          He has developed his own company to promote his work.

          0 A B C D E

          1 Others in his field think very highly of him.

          2 His ideas have spread beyond the business world.

          3 He felt that people should be able to enjoy their work.

          4 His ideas are more complex than they seem.

          5 He did a variety of interesting things before writing his books.

          6 His most successful book was written with a colleague.

          7 He is particularly skilled at forecasting important developments.

          8 Contact with the military was an early influence on his thinking.

          A John Adair

          Adair is the pioneering British thinker in the theory of leadership. He was the first person in the UK to hold a professorship in Business Leadership and has published a series of influential books on the subject.

          Despite his quiet appearance, Adair has had a colourful life, serving in a Bedouin regiment and working on an Arctic fishing boat! His initial interest in leadership came from his army experience and he used to lecture at the highly prestigious academy where British army offices are trained. He now works as an international consultant.

          B Edward de Bono

          De Bono is unusual among major gurus for two reasons: firstly, he was born not in one of the GREat industrial nations but on the tiny island of Malta. Secondly, his ideas have reached a wider audience than just managers, so that his books have BECome essential rending in many different disciplines.

          Most of de Bono s work has been concerned with the way human beings can train themselves to think more creatively. This apparently simple idea has resulted in 37 books and a highly successful career as a lecturer and consultant.

          C Peter Drucker

          Probably no other single thinker has done as much as Drucker to establish management as a serious area of study. Certainly, his fellow management thinkers consider him one of the founding fathers of the discipline, and his books and articles are quoted more than those of any other management writer.

          His first book was published as far back as 1939, yet he is still writing and teaching. His greatest distinction has been his ability to predict coming trends in business and economics. As a result, his ideas are treated with the greatest respect and interest.

          D Frederick Herzberg

          Although relatively few contemporary management students will have read his books, Herzberg s name is instantly recognisable to anyone who has studied industrial organisations. This is because the American psychologist was responsible for introducing the concept of motivation into management thinking.

          As a young man, Herzberg became deeply interested in mental illness and the human need for mental and emotional satisfaction. This led him to criticise the approach of many companies to job design, and to argue for the need for job enrichment to stimulate employees efforts.

          E Tom Peters

          The American s reputation was created in the I 980s by the spectacular success of one book, In Search of Excellence, co-written with Robert Waterman. The two were working together as management consultants and no-one expected their first (and only) book to end up selling 5 million copies worldwide!

          Although his ideas have been criticised, Peters popularity as a speaker and writer has continued to grow. So much so that Peters has created his own business to market books, videos and consultancy based on his work.




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