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          1、A. going B. doing C. swimming D. shoping

          2、A. sunny B. wet C. weather D. how

          3、A. my B. mine C. your D. yours

          4、A. better B. best C. good D. beautiful

          5、A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Sunday D. Thursday

          6、A. week B. weekday C. weekend D. Sunday

          7、A. shall B. can C. could D. should

          8、A. matter B. wrong C. up D. right

          9、A. let B. let’s C. It’s D. Is

          10、A. and B. while C. but D. get


          1、A. I usually go to the movies. B. I did my homework.

          C. I am washing. D. Thank you.

          2、A. You’re welcome. B. The same to you.

          C. It doesn ’t matter.   D. Do it again.

          3、A. At 8:00 B. By bike C. Every day D. No

          4、A. Once a week. B. Two times a day.

          C. Not at all. D. I like cats.

          5、A. Yes, I do. B. No, thanks. C. An apple, please. D. A big one.



          1、——______ that your bag? —— Yes, it is.

          A. Am   B. Are   C. Is    D. /

          2、—— What is she doing? —— ______ .

          A. I am watch        B. He is watching TV.

          C. He is watching TV.      D. She is watching TV.

          3、—— Where are you going? —— _____.

          A. I am going to the library.  B. I am reading a book.

          C. I am reading a book.  D. I like reading.

          4、—— I s your father going to the park ? —— _____.

          A. Yes, he isn’t. B. Yes, he is.   C. No, he is.   D. Yes, she is.

          5、——It’s rainy today. —— Please ______.

          A. take your umbrella B. put on your sunglasses.

          C. make a snowman. D. put on a hat.

          6. ——Whose CD is this? —— ______.

          A. It’s mine. B. Yes, it’s mine. C. No, It’s Kelly’s. D. It’s Kelly.

          7. —— ______ am an English girl. ——______ name is Hellen.

          A. I, I B. My, My C. I, My D. My, I

          8. —— I like cats, ______ I don’t like dogs.

          A. and B. but C. or D. also

          9. —— ______ are you? —— I’m twelve.

          A. How B. What time C. What D. How old

          10. —— Can you spell your name? —— _______.

          A. Yes, I am B. Yes, I can C. No, I can D. Yes, I am not

          11. ——My shoes ______ red.

          A. is B. are C. am D. be

          12. —— What sports do you like?

          —— I like ______, but he likes ______.

          A. swimming, playing soccer. B. swimming, to play soccer

          C. to swim, playing soccer D. swim, play soccer

          13. —— My mother went to the food market. ——She ______.

          A. bought two books. B. bought meat and fruit.

          C. put some money there D. did housework

          14. ——He often ______ the piano on Monday.

          A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing

          15. ——My mother can ______ a car.

          A. drive B. drives C. to drive D. driving

          16. ——What day is it today? —— _______.

          A. It’s a fine day B. It’s going to rain

          C. It’s Monday D. It’s July 11.

          17. ——It’s only 10 minutes left. I ______ be hurry to catch the train.

          A. have to B. can C. would D. could

          18. ——You should ______ an apple every day.

          A. had B. eat C. eating D. to eat

          19. ——What would you ______ to do?

          A. like B. likes C. liked D. liking

          20. —— Ted and May go ______ on Sunday.

          A. shop B. shopping C. shopped D. to shopping


          1. ——______ do you like science ? ——Because it’s interesting.

          2. ——______ you swim ? ——Yes, I can.

          3. What t______ do you get up every day ?

          4. What’s your favorite c______ ? It’s blue.

          5. Is she your English t______ ? Yes, she is.


          1. January is the ______ (one) month of a year.

          2. Can you see some ______ (child) in the room?

          3. ——What are ______ (this) ? ——They are books.

          4. ——Do you like ______ (play) soccer ? ——Yes, I do.

          5. These are my ______. (father and mother)


          1. best, my, is, Mary, friend


          2. you, like, would, apples, some


          3. often, you, do, to, go, movies, how


          4. wrong, what, is, you, with


          5. isn’t, any, food, there, fridge, the, in



          1. I am Chinese. (改为一般疑问句)

          ____ ____ Chinese?

          2. Can you play the guitar ? (作否定回答)

          No, _______ ________.

          3. He doesn’t like maths because it’s difficult.(就划线部分提问)

          ____ ____ he not like math ?

          4. I go to school at 8:00 every day. (就划线部分提问)

          ____ do you go to school every day ?

          5. I go to the library twice a week. (就划线部分提问)

          ____ ________ do you go to the library ?

          6. He did his homework yesterday. (就划线部分提问)

          ____ did he do yesterday ?


          (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)

          1. Let’s go shopping.            A. At 6:00.

          2. How do you go to school ?         B. Yes, I can.

          3. What are you doing ?           C. Eight.

          4. Is that book yours ?            D. They are at school.

          5. How many people are there in your family ?  E. Five times a week.

          6. How often do you go to school ?       F. Yes, it’s mine.

          7. Where are the boys ?            G. The plane.

          8. Can you clean the floor ?         H. By bike.

          9. Which is quicker, the plane or the bus ?    I. I am reading.

          10. When do you get up every day ?       J. Good idea.


          Look at this photo. The boy is 1 good friend. He is 2 American boy.

          3 name is Mike. 4 thirteen. The boy is me. My 5 is Li lei. 6 Chinese. I’m fourteen. We both like 7 soccer. So we often 8 in the afternoon. And we 9 at same class. We are very 10 .

          1. A. I     B. you    C. me   D. my

          2. A. from   B. an     C. the   D. to

          3. A. Her    B. He    C. His    D. He’s

          4. A. He’s B. His C. He D. My

          5. A. am B. name C. friend D. photo

          6. A. I’m B. He’s C. From D. I have

          7. A. playing B. play C. do D. plays

          8. A. play B. playing C. does D. did

          9. A. are B. is C. are D. /

          10. A. happy B. sad C. awful D. glad to



          Lisa has a sister and a brother. Her sister’s name is Helen and her brother’s name is Paul. Lisa and Helen can paint, dance and swim. Lisa can sing and play the piano,but Helen can’t. She likes chess, but she and Lisa don’t play chess. She and Paul play chess. Paul likes music. He plays the violin, and he can sing. Lisa, Paul and Helen join the art club. Helen and Paul also join the chess club.

          1. Paul has _______.

          A. a brother B. a sister C. a brother and a sister D. two sisters

          2. Helen can’t ______.

          A. paint B. swim C. play chess D. sing

          3. Lisa can’t ______.

          A. dance B. play the piano C. play chess D. swim

          4. Paul likes ______.

          A. music B. English C. basketball D. soccer

          5. Who joins only one club ?

          A. Paul B. Lisa C. Helen D. Helen and Paul


          Janet Jin is a tennis star. She is thirteen years old. She usually gets up at seven o’clock. She eats breakfast at seven-thirty. Janet and her friend usually play tennis at eight-thirty. They play for three hours. At twelve o’clock, Janet eats lots of healthy food for lunch. She likse hamburgers, salad and oranges. School stars at one o’clock. At six o’clock she has dinner. Janet usually does her homework at seven-thirty. At nine o’clock she watches tennis on TV. Janet ususlly goes to bed at ten-thirty. She loves tennis very much.

          1. Janet is ______ years old.

          A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 D. 13

          2. Janet _______ at seven thirty.

          A. gets up B. has breakfast C. plays tennis D. goes to school

          3. —— What does Janet like to eat ? —— She likes to eat _______.

          A. salad, ice cream and oranges B. bananas, hamburgers and salad

          C. tomatoes, oranges and broccoli D. oranges, hamburgers and salad

          4. Does Janet go to school in the morning?

          A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t C. Yes, she is D. No, she isn’t

          5. What does Janet usually do at seven thirty in the evening?

          A. She has her dinner. B. She does her homework.

          C. She watches tennis on TV. D. She goes to bed.




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