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          Name_______________ Marks________


          一. 单词辩音(12%)

          1. A. play B. plane 2. A. fifty B. fifteen

          3. A. tired B. tried 4. A. would B. should

          5. A. quiet B. quite 6. A. straight B. street

          7. A. plate B. polite 8. A. please B. piece

          9. A. doctor B. daughter 10. A. cough B. caught

          11. A.horse B.house 12. A.Thursday B.Tuesday

          二、从你所听到的句中选出单词或短语,每个句子读两遍( 10%)

          1 、A slowly B quietly C carefully

          2 、A ride a bike B draw pictures C dry the dishes

          3 、A French B French fries C front

          4 、A hobby B picnic C postman

          5 、A important B popcorn C pool

          三、根据所听到的问句选择正确的答语。( 8 %)

          1. A Daisy is my best friend B Yes, she is C That's right

          2. A Yes, please B Yes, let's go C Yes, I'd love some

          3. A By bus B Once a week C A week

          4. A Sure. Here you are B I'd like to buy a pencil C No, you can't

          5、A She's better. B Yes, she is. C She's at home.

          6、A Two cheese sandwiches. B In the kitchen. C Because I was hungry.

          7、A I like it. B It's mine. C It's 50 yuan.

          8、A It was sunny. B It's Sunday. C I went shopping.

          四、将下列句?#24433;?#25152;听到的顺序重新排?#26657;?#23558;序号写下。( 10 %)

          My parents are waiting for me 。

          Oh, it's six o'clock now. I've got to go .

          I'm sorry. I've got to go.

          All right. Come here again when you have time.

          Don't worry. Please stay for supper.


          I. Choose the correct words for the sentences.(选择正确的词填空)5%

          1. Sally is . She can't get the book on the top of the bookcase.

          A. hungry B. tall C. short

          2. Which is colder, the ice-cream or the hamburger?

          The is colder.

          A. ice-cream B. hamburger

          3.who is the oldest of the three? .

          A. grandfather B. father C. me

          4. I can't hear you. Please read it .

          A. carefully B. loudly C. quickly

          5. Which floor do you live on?

          I live on the ____ floor.

          A. five B. fifth C. 5

          II. Read and choose the right answer. (阅读并选择正确回答)5%

          1. What's wrong with you?

          A. I have a headache.

          B. I don't like beans.

          C. Is there any thing wrong with you?

          2. What's the weather like today?

          A. It's Sunday today.

          B. It's sunny.

          C. It's late outside.

          3. Where is Tom going?

          A. He's watching TV.

          B. He can do it.

          C. He's going to his school.

          4.Shall I go home now?

          A. Yes, you shall

          B. No, thanks

          C. No, you can't

          5. Would you like some pasta?

          A. Yes, I'd love some

          B. Yes, I like

          C.No, I don't like

          III. Unscramble the sentences连词成句 8%

          1). is your who best friend


          2). shall we park to go


          3). would like you play football me with


          4). I riding like on horse a


          IV. Read the story then answer the question. (读下面故事,然后回答问题)12%

          Last week Bill went shopping with his sister Jane and his aunt Jill. They went to the bank and then they went to the market. Aunt Jill bought some fruit-mangoes and apples. Bill wanted coconuts, but there weren't any. Aunt Jill bought some ice creams. She had one, Jane had one, but Bill had two.


          1. When did Bill go shopping?

          2. How many people went shopping?

          3. Where did they go first?

          4. What kind of fruit did Aunt Jill buy?

          5. What did they all eat?

          6. Who had one ice cream?





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