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        1. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially ________ containing as many different subcultures as the United States is a complex task.

        A. theseB. thatC. oneD. such2. Their bedroom windows ________ a lovely garden.

        A. look up toB. look out forC. look forward toD. look out on

        3. I hoped to get the house but a rich man was ________ against me.

        A. biddingB. disputingC. bettingD. testifying

        4. His first novel ‘Night’ was an account of the Nazi crimes ________ through the eyes of a teenaged boy.

        A. and were seenB. which sawC. but was seenD. as seen

        5. The judge recommended that he ________ for at least three years.

        A. was not releasedB. not be releasedC. had not been releasedD. not released

        6. Some people believe that proficiency in a foreign language is not achieved through teaching and learning but ________ through actual use.

        A. receivedB. acceptedC. derivedD. acquired

        7. It is said that somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9, children begin to think ________ instead of concretely.

        A. logicallyB. reasonablyC. abstractlyD. generally

        8. Sea food of all kinds is ________ in the states that border the oceans.

        A. abandonedB. advantageousC. abundantD. accumulated

        9. I can’t back the car because there is a truck ________.

        A. in every wayB. in a wayC. in the wayD. in any way

        10. ________ as a poor boy in a family of seventeen children. Benjamin Franklin became famous on both sides of the Atlantic as a statesman, scientist, and author.

        A. StartingB. StartedC. Being startedD. To have started

        11. Though I’ve never seen you before. I guess you ________ be the new secretary.

        A. shouldB. mustC. wouldD. could

        12. This store has an excellent ________ for fair dealing.

        A. repetitionB. reputationC. authorityD. popularity

        13. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as ________ its soils and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans.

        A. hasB. doC. isD. are14. Her terror was so great ________ somewhere to escape, she would have run for her life.

        A. only if there had beenB. that there had only beenC. that had there only beenD. if there was only

        15. While you pedal away on the exercise bicycle, a machine will be ________ your breathing and pulse.

        A. reviewingB. screeningC. surveyingD. monitoring




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