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          Cost cutting

          Your company has decided to try to reduce costs. You have been asked to investigate the possibility of cutting the financial costs of operating your department.

          ●Which are the areas where costs could be cut?

          ●What problems might arise from cutting costs?

          Customer complaints

          Your manager is not satisfied with the way staff reacts to complaints from clients about products or services. You have been asked to suggest how this could be improved.

          ●How the company can make effective use of will be available in the new office?

          ●What training will be needed for these jobs?

          Staff recruitment

          Your factory urgently needs to recruit a large number of temporary staff in order to fulfill an unexpected order. The staff needs to be ready to start work as soon as possible.

          ●What you need to do in order to find suitably skilled staff?

          ●What type of induction program the new staff will need before they start work?

          Modernization Program

          You work for a large company which has decided to introduce a program of modernization and improvement. You are involved in setting up this program.

          ●How to prepare staff for major changes within the company

          ●What other factors have to be considered when introducing major changes in a company

          Language Courses Abroad

          Your company has offered you the opportunity of attending a six-month English language course abroad. You have to decide whether to accept, and are therefore going to attend a meeting to find out more about the offer.

          ●What the advantages are of learning languages abroad

          ●What plans you will have to make for work and home if you go away for a long period

          Potential Supplier

          A potential supplier will soon be visiting you at your workplace. You think this supplier and the products or services they offer could be very important for the future of your company.

          ●What you need to find out about the supplier and the products or services before the visit

          ●How you could entertain the supplier the negotiations

          Foreign Business Travel

          Your company has decided that it needs to introduce a clear policy on foreign business travel. You have been asked to help draw up the guidelines.

          ●What the various reasons are why members of a company make business trips abroad

          ●In what ways a company might be affected if the number of foreign business trips was reduced

          Company Directory

          Your company is going to be included in an international directory of all the types of businesses operating in your country. You have been asked to write a brief profile of your company for the directory.

          ●What information you will include about your company

          ●How the directory would be useful to companies





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